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Living And Learning In One Loving Community

Behaviour, Discipline and Anti-Bullying

The school seeks to help each child to become a useful, active and caring member of the community. Teachers use positive forms of behaviour management, including 'Emotion Coaching' strategies, to create a calm atmosphere and positive relationships with children.


Sensible discipline is valued highly in the school and parents are expected to support the teacher or other school employee in any action taken.


Children are expected to be polite in speech and action and everyone is expected to behave in a way that will not cause distress, discomfort or harm to others. Generally our rules are kept to a minimum but are needed, for the safety of children and others, to prevent damage or loss of property and for the efficient running of the school.


Our aim is to develop self control so that children behave sensibly and appropriately at all times, not just when under close supervision. The school recognises the importance of Relationship and Health Education (RHE) as a means of promoting the value of mutual respect, self discipline and social responsibility which underlines good behaviour.


Anti social behaviour is not accepted. Children who behave in this way and do not follow the code and values of the school are usually dealt with by the teacher. Often a quiet discussion with the child is enough. Additional work and restriction of privileges are other alternatives. If the matter continues the child will be sent to a member of the Senior Management Team. In the unlikely event of serious or repeated misbehaviour we would always contact you and tackle the problem together.


From experience we have found that the key to success in this area is when school and home work closely together. We would ask for you, as reasonable parents, to support the school’s policies, procedures and disciplinary actions.



very firm anti-bullying policy and programme feature as part of the school’s RHE programme.  Children are told to talk to a member of staff about suspected incidents and all pupils are required to examine their own actions in situations which cause concern. Bullying is not tolerated and parents are contacted where concerns arise.



Our school rules